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The Library of the Scientific and Technical Foundation houses a large number of works, representing the Italian and European technical and scientific knowledge of the nineteenth century: there are documented disciplines such as agronomy and forestry, chemistry, physics and astronomy, mathematics, hydraulic mechanics, Natural history, topography, construction, economics and statistics, for a total of about 30,000 between Volumes, pamphlets and periodicals, some of which are still in publication.
The Library also has a rich graphic heritage consisting of drawings and lithographs and a valuable collection of topographical and geographical maps.


Monday to Thursday 09.00-13.00

Consultants who are in possession of the card issued by the Library staff or a temporary permit are admitted for consultation.




Digital Library



Library History

The Library was founded in 1850 by Filippo Corridi, who transferred there the technical-scientific publications of the Academy of Fine Arts.


Library Archives

The Library has two archives: one of the Istituto Tecnico Toscano, and the other of the Scuole popolari “Gino Capponi”


Photographic Archive

The photographic archive, which houses ancient and modern materials, is divided into two sections: the historic archive and the modern archive.


How to Access and
Services Offered

Those persons having an annual membership card or a temporary authorisation are permitted to make use of the consultation service.

The yearly membership card is issued to:

  • teachers and researchers in possession of a document attesting to their professional position;
  • holders of grants and doctoral student in possession of certification from the university, the Italian Research Council (CNR), or similar institutes;
  • students and those about to graduate in possession of an introductory letter from their teacher.

A temporary authorisation is issued to scholars to whom the above stipulations do not apply, upon presentation to the personnel in charge of the Library of a written request and a document of identification.


In addition to one station for on-line bibliographical research and two stations for consulting microfilms and microprints, six stations with Internet access are available to users with portable computers.

Bibliographical research

Upon request, the Library staff will carry out bibliographical research on material belonging to the Library.

Photographic reproductions

Photographic reproductions are made exclusively by the Fondazione Scienza e Tecnica, and are conceded solely for reasons of study or for publications of a scientific nature.  Download Form

Loans books

No materials can be loaned to private individuals. A plan for inter-library loans between the Foundation’s Library and the library of the Museo Galileo is being studied. Library graphic materials can be loaned for exhibitions in accordance with existing regulations.