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Calendar of activities

Educational workshops and tours, lectures for children, youth and adults.

A new program every month!

Activity Calendar

The Science and Technology Foundation (FST) organizes educational workshops and visits for children, teenagers and adults all weekends, open to individuals and families. Discover the monthly program and weekend appointments.

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€ 8.00 adults,
€ 6.00 children,

€ 10.00 children for Planetarium + Laboratory.
Reservation Required.

Discount of € 1.00 for Coop Members.

Journey to the center of the Galaxy

In the planetarium – July 19 | 9 p.m. – CosmoCose

For the high sea

In planetarium – July 5 | 9 p.m. – CosmoCose

Mercury, Jupiter and other stories

In planetario – 6 luglio – Chi sono Mercurio, Giove e Venere? Pianeti oppure déi?

Stars and stories

July 6 – So many stars and so many stories

Cheesemoon: the cheesy moon

June 29 – Cheesemoon: the cheesy moon.

Ninna “nana”, ninna oh

In planetarium – June 25 – Ninna “nana,” ninna oh

Where planets are born

In planetarium – June 21 | 9 p.m. – CosmoCose

The sky of the month

In planetarium – June 18 – The stars, planets and constellations…

Walking among the constellations

In planetarium – June 18 – We discover the characters populate the sky, finding them among the stars


Birthday with Science

Invite all your friends to celebrate your birthday by playing with science!

The Florence Science and Technology Foundation Museum is open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday
. The library is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Adulti: € 8.00
Children: € 6.00

Adults: € 8.00
Children: € 6.00
Planetario + Laboratorio / bambini: € 10.00
By reservation only

Discount of € 1.00 for
- soci Coop

Via Giuseppe Giusti, 29 50121 Firenze